10 reasons why I love blogging

reasons why i love blogging

Why do we love blogging so much? And is the death of blogging nearer than ever or should the Cassandras of this world stop predicting this unlikely possibility? Here are 10 reasons I love blogging (almost) as much as reading :

  1. It is a fantastic form of expression. It is a little bit like having your own column in a paper or a whole magazine where you can write whatever you feel like.  fashion and fruit



2. It is very flexible and diverse: you can blog about books, lifestyle, unicorns, photography, cooking – just anything you feel passionate about and this is totally liberating!



3. It is creative! You get to research various concepts, to look for the best pictures to go with your post, create infographics if you want and so many more cool stuff. I even made my own book quote quiz some time ago 🙂


4. You get to meet awesome people. I have been following some Greek book blogs for a while now and I think we have formed a fantastic blogging community with common interests. In that way, blogging takes you outside your comfort zone if you are an introvert, like me… Did you read my interview in Ariel’s fab blog One Little Library, about translation and books? Ariel was featured here as a guest blogger, offering invaluable advice for finding and keeping blogging inspiration 😉 Also, I have met many interesting entrepreneurs and I have found invaluable advice in many of the blogs I follow!

photo-1457369804613-52c61a468e7d (1)

5. It grows with you. Your blog is your “baby”and it changes with you as the years pass and this is kind of nice. You can change its focus and take it wherever you want to go or you can even turn it into a business – this means that…


6. You grow with it, too: blogging might make you consider making your passion your job and it can help you realize there is a whole market out there with a need that you might be able (and feel very confident) to cover. Meaning…


7. It can be profitable. I don’t make money blogging, it is solely a relaxing thing for me at the moment but trust me, I take it as seriously as I would if it made me money (OK maybe then I’d take more care of my SEO #guilty) and I know many who do make (quite a lot) money from blogging. So its a great way to make money doing what you love, isn’t it?

do what you love

8. It lets out steam. If you have a strict corporate job or a job with zero margins for creativity and inspiration, blogging about things you love is a great way to relax (glass of chilled wine optional) and write about whatever you want.


9. It helps you be more organized. In your writing, in your thinking, it helps with discipline and putting things into perspective; it makes you think harder, prepare and take actual steps towards your goals.


10. It is a kind of therapy 🙂 It is fun, it makes you think more about yourself and others, it helps you meet new people, new cultures, new ideas, all without leaving your home. Or even if you do leave it, you can take it with you 🙂

why i love blogging



Can you relate? What are the things you love about blogging as a blogger or as a reader or both? And are there things you don’t love or simply hate about it? I think I could name a couple 😉

5 tips for finding (and keeping) inspiration

When I joined the Creative Superheroes group on Facebook, I thought that it would be a nice place for ideas and maybe a few tips on blogging. What I didn’t know was that it would be a FUN place to hang out, reading advice, discovering beautiful blogs and interesting people, all with Allison’s quirky and fun way!  So I jumped at the opportunity to feature one of the most interesting and inspiring bloggers and her advice for Finding (and keeping) Inspiration!

Please welcome Ariel and read more about her and her blog at the end of the post!!!

5 Tips for Finding (and Keeping) Inspiration

A guest post by Ariel from One Little Library

We often hear that inspiration strikes at random. It seems like something out of our control, that we can only hope for when all of the stars align. But it’s just not true.

Finding inspiration isn’t actually hard; creating is the hard part. The word “inspiration” originally came from the Latin word for breath: to breathe, to inhale. Think of inspiration as something you need to regularly take in. And what you take in will help you create.

If what you’re creating is writing and information, then what you need to take in is learning. Here are five things you can do to practice taking in inspiration:

  1. Get curious

Ask questions. Don’t accept information at face value. Ask Google. Click on that link. Follow rabbit trails to see what’s there. For example, as I was writing the intro to this post, I started to run into a mental block—which is ironic, I know. I decided to look up the etymology of “inspiration,” which is how I found out it comes from the word for breath. That definition “clicked” and helped me say something I wasn’t sure how to say before.

2. Find the gap

In my job as an acquisitions editor, I read proposals all the time. And I’m always surprised by the sheer number of ideas people have—even within a very specific genre or topic. There are infinite ways to spin something: to take a different angle, or to say it in a fresh way. I’ve learned that great writers are able to pinpoint a gap in the existing knowledge base.

3. Read, read, read

To find the gap in the knowledge base, you have to know the knowledge base. You have to know what others are writing about. They’re both your competition and your inspiration. What can you provide that is different/better? Plus, knowing what your readers know allows you to provide them with information that is more relevant and timely.

4. Start a conversation

I often find inspiration when I listen to the questions people are asking. And they are asking! Start a conversation about whatever your topic is, and put yourself out there as an expert—even if you’re not sure you have all of the answers. At the least, what you’ll get is a new idea to research and explore so that next time you might have the answer.

5. Look at titles

Often when I’m trying to figure out what to write, I look at just the title of another blog post or a book that strikes my fancy. If I was the author of that blog post, what would I say? To some, this might sound like stealing. In his book, Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon argued that “stealing” is actually an act of collaboration, building on someone else’s work to remix it and make it your own. More often than not, I start writing and I find that my blog post is very different from the original one.

A Note on Keeping Inspiration

It’s great when we start exploring and find a good idea, but how do you hold onto it? I like to stock up on ideas and revisit my lists whenever I’m looking for something to write about. Here are some of my favorite ways to hold onto inspiration.

Keep a small notebook on you at all times. I use the adorable notebooks from Obvious State. They fit perfectly inside the clutch wallet I use, so no matter where I’m going, I always have something to write on. Don’t forget a pen, too! But if you forget, pens are usually easier to come by than paper.

Use Google docs. Google docs are available anytime and anywhere, from any device. When I have an idea for a blog post, I often open a new Google doc, give it a short tentative title (I’ll revisit the title later when I have time to start writing), and write just a few words to remind me later of where I was going with that idea. In my Google Drive, I have TONS of mostly empty Word docs—all ideas for blog posts that I’m holding onto and can revisit whenever I like. I also have a Google doc list of blog post ideas—basically the digital version of my little notebook.

Don’t wait around for inspiration to strike. Find it, claim it, and take it in. And if you have any additional tips for finding and keeping inspiration, let us know in the comments!


Ariel is a writer, blogger, editor, almost vegetarian California girl. During the day she is an Acquisitions Editor for an education publisher. When not working, you can usually find Ariel doing yoga at the beach, reading with a glass of wine, or writing a book review on her blog, One Little Library.
Thank you, Ariel for the brilliant (and usable) advice on finding inspiration! I’ll definitely use some of your tips 🙂

Comfort Books and Comfort Food

Sometimes I really need some me time with a (good) book, a  (crispy) glass of wine and a (hearty) bowl of something delicious to keep me company.

I can be very anxious at times with or without reason and I have found that this combination helps me relax and unwind.

So as I have been browsing for more books ( I already have Chuck Palahniuk’s Beautiful You but wanted some Plan B’ choices in case I finish it early) I also found some ridiculously delicious food things (lol) to try! My wine is already chilling at home, patiently waiting for me 🙂


reading and wine.jpg

You can find some of my favorite foods at my Pinterest Taste Buds board. Attention: Danger of serious food envy and immediate feeling of hunger!

curry soup.jpg

How about you? How do you unwind after a long and stressing day?


The fault in our stars illustrated

I loved reading The Fault In Our Stars and I know many of you have as well. I don’t know what it is with this book, it is overly sad and painful, however it seems to have touched and inspired so many people! I often come across beautiful illustrations of various quotes from the book and I couldn’t resist sharing some with you 🙂

the fault in our stars6the fault in our stars5the fault in our stars4

fault quotesfault2fault the fault in our stars3fault quotes.3.jpg

Some of them are really creative, aren’t they?? And it amazes me how such a sad topic and a doomed love story inspired so many people to create beautiful artwork!

I also loved this note, made me laugh:

john green quote

Have a nice evening everyone!!!

The soundtrack of translation

While I was translating the fourth book in the Selection series, The Heir, by Kiera Cass,  I have been listening to various tracks, depending on the mood of the book and the narrative pace. It really helps me create an atmosphere and I feel its a nice way for my translation will be in harmony with the original’s tune. Do you ever feel the need to do that?


As this book was filled buy melancholic inner monologue and post-adolescence frustration of a girl courted by 35 candidates to her heart and mostly takes place indoors, at the palace, I felt like listening to slow, romantic tunes – it helped that they didn’t break my concentration.

However, once in a while, when the action was at its fullest, and whenever I needed a break to clear my head, I’d put on more vibrant tracks, inspired by the trials and tribulations of young Eadlyn.

Here you can find some beautiful collections fans and readers have put together 🙂 Enjoy!!!

This one was perfect for the act before the grand finale! Great surprises here people!!!

And this one would go great for when Eadlyn is working with her Dad or the scene when she bursts in their shared bedroom only to find it empty….

the heir heir eadlyn


5 things to do for you this Spring!

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely a spring – summer – early autumn person! Anything but winter in any case 🙂 So now that spring is soooo close (even though the clouds outside my window don’t seem to know it yet) I’m all about plans and good vibes! Here’s 5 things that are on my list for this spring! What about you? Do you make plans in spring or do you just like to bask in sunlight and enjoy nature and the change of weather? Does it inspire you?

  1. Find some exercise routine! (Don’t laugh, I know this has been my autumn, New years and last year’s goal, too but I have to drill it to myself to make it happen!) My goal is: 2 evenings of jogging by the sea (sounds good) and 1 afternoon Aerial yoga! Have you tried it yet? It’s so FUN but a bit pricey so I’ll keep it to once a week! aerial yoga   aerial yoga1
  2. Explore and discover more of your city/area. I happen to live on an island which does not offer me many chances for road trips but still it is a wildly beautiful place, with lots of undiscovered (by me) places and spots! I’ve also launched an Instagram Account, Aegean Travellers with a girlfriend of mine where we post fab photos of Rhodes, Greece and the Aegean Islands! Check it out if you like, we always follow back!aegeantravellers
  3. Make your balcony a staycation paradise! We have a huge balcony but it is so windy up there we haven’t decorated at all! I’m looking into wind breaker options this year and I have great plans for it 🙂
  4. Become a morning person! Or try to wake up a little bit earlier. Even 15 minutes will make the difference between sipping your home-made espresso and getting some store bought drip.  home-espresso-machine
  5. Also, you will have those precious minutes to prepare something to take for lunch and not have to buy carb filled snacks (I tend to do that a lot if I’m hungry at the office) apple-cute-love-nature-pure-Favim.com-350074


  1. 1 (1)

The only solution for translator’s block!



Translators, freelancers, creatives of any art…. We all have felt it. When the deadline is approaching quicker than Khaleesi’s dragons  but your progress is slower than George R.R. Martin’s writing pace of the next GoT book! You really want to give it all and finish the masterpiece you are translating in a few hours, then open a bottle of wine and chill out waiting for the big translation award committee to come knocking on your door with your nomination! OK I might have taken it too far but you really want to reach the finishing line and get.some.rest.But you can’t. Everything is going wrong. You catch a cold, your neighbor calls and wants to talk about cooking, there’s a power cut or you just plainly have-run-out-of-energy! And the bad news is, you can’t do anything about it but slowly drag your sorry self around the housemoaning «I have so much to do» without really doing anything!

peanuts writer.jpg

Do you know what the only solution is?


Or just an evening. Even if you think you don’t have the time, just do it. You will be so productive the following morning you will gain the «lost» evening in a few hours. Make sure you don’t spend all time stressing about the job, though -just pretend it doesn’t exist for one afternoon. Do something for yourself, relax, exercise, order take out or go for a drink. You will feel so nice and energized the following morning, you will fall in love with your job again! Trust me, it works!


It works for me even when I really don’t think I can afford losing an entire afternoon (how will I manage to catch up with all those pages?). It really pays as you wake up in the morning fresh, a tiny little bit guilty (just enough so that to not press snooze) and happier than the day before – because you did something for yourself and you do not feel that your job is draining all your energy anymore!

What do you think? Have you tried it? How do you deal with translator’s (or writer’s) block?


10 favorite paper goodies!

I love stationery! Notebooks, scrapbook paper, pens, washi tape, you name it, I’ll hoard it! The only thing I don’t particularly like is diaries with dates as they make me feel stressed about time, deadlines and the inevitability of time passing. I do use them for work, though, so I try to pick colorful fun ones!

Here are my 10 favorite paper goodies this year:

  1. My London Accessorize embroidered notebook, gift from one of my best friendslondon notebook
  2. My 2016 Cosmopolitan notebook  agenda-2016 flamingo notebook
  3. Scrapbook paper I bought from Thessaloniki in my recent trip there χαρτί περιτυλίγματος
  4. Sticky pads from my brother ❤ sticky pad omg
  5. Magnetic notebook from Venice and
  6. fab notebook from Istanbul! istanbul venice
  7. Just a goodie bag with nice prints AND selidodeiktis-handmade
  8. the cutest felt bookmark, handmade by a dear friend
  9. London stickers (you can never have enough!)αυτοκόλλητα λονδίνο
  10. My work diary/notebook from Paperchasepaperchase


What about you? Do you like paper goodies? Or are you more of a gadget person? 🙂

Feverish weekend

Literally, I spent the weekend with a fever, feeling awful every waking moment (and the very few sleeping ones, too) !

I got the cold a) because we went to the movies on Friday and it was so hot in the room I couldn’t bear it! I always get sick after being forced to stay in over-heated rooms.

b) because I had just said that I hadn’t got a cold the whole winter, lucky me! (grrr)

We saw Hail Caesar, which was really nice and upbeat, a real feel-good movie!

hail caesar

The only things I managed to do in the rare occassions I felt a little better where to read:

drink loads of herbal tea (seriously, I don’t think it has any healing power, but still, it helps you not de-hydrate)



I hope you had a more active and healthy weekend!!!


Office Detox for Translators

detox ofice.png

I had some fun trying the Translator’s Wheel of Happiness and saw that one of my weakest points was my working environment. Although I designed my office myself, with simple, elegant touches including some of my favorite elements, I cannot deny the fact that I have since transformed it into a messy hell of printouts, files, knick-knacks and various office clutter so that I now feel it has become almost… toxic!

That’s why I decided to channel my procrastination energy to something useful: de-cluttering and renovating (on a very very tight budget, though) my office space. After all, I spend most of my mornings and many evenings here. I really need the space to be bright, happy and inspiring! My translations deserve it!ee8af7e0eb5bc8ab30c0118fe9cf9fb5

Here’s what I’ll do to detox my office space:

  1. Bright, natural light – this is a tricky one for me! My office has a lot of natural light,which i LOVE – BUT I have to make sure I don’t have my monitor directly in front of it as it makes it hard for my eyes to adjust and read properly.
  2. Find what works for you – some people want to work on a clutter free desk, while others get comfort from being surrounded with dictionaries, language books or their cats ❤
  3. Devote a few moments each morning to dust and return your desk/office to your favorite state (see point 3, above) – My desk is black glass and you won’t believe it but I have to dust it TWICE a day! I don’t want to inhale dirty dust from the hall or from next door offices. And of course, I have to re-organize my mess from the day before (#sigh)
  4. Eat healthy and light – more energy, less fat (and less fatigue). Try to pack a healthy lunch option – it will save you money, and office-chair body 😛 I usually pack a bar of dark chocolate, a banana and some dried nuts and I eat them mixed together or separately 🙂 Ah, I know, you can also see some more ideas at the Dietary Perks of Being a Translator 🙂 healthy snack
  5. Add some color – and let it be your “tranquilizer”! Whenever you feel stressed out or tired, focus on this bright blob of your favorite color and let it transport you to wherever you’d like to be: a sandy beach in the Aegean (yellow), a turquoise resort in Majjorka (turqoise green), a busy street in London (red), an exotic bazaar in Maracech (purple). Give your mind a (colorful) break and let your creative translator’s juices flow 🙂

TIP: Find a nice quote that will either make you smile or inspire you to work hard(er) and stick it in a nice (maybe colorful?) frame 🙂 It will add personality to your space!

Here are some of the free printables I found while browsing 🙂



I hope I’ll have a nice before and after to show in a couple of days!

What about you? Do you feel the need for an inspirational workspace or do you manage to work whatever the conditions around you? In which case I envy you 🙂