burnout freelancer

How to avoid burnout as a freelance translator

Or as a freelance business owner.

This post title should come with a question mark at the end. Burnout has so many forms and can affect you in so many ways that you are never really ready to deal with it even if you have in the past.

The reasons that cause burnout for freelance translators, and small business owners in general, are diverse.

The term “work fatique” is also used to describe the situation when we feel we have given our job too much space in our life and mindset.

Some of the symptoms of burnout for freelancers include among others:

High level of anxiety and a constant flow of adrenaline * Lack of motivation *  Feelings of helplessness and futility * Self-criticism  and the feeling of always being on the run for something and that time is never enough – an overwhelming sense of urgency.

Does that sound like your daily mantra?

burnout freelancers

How to avoid it – or, if it’s too late, deal with it?

First of all, acknowledge the possibility that you might be suffering from, or are at the verge of a burnout.

Take a deep breath and try to identify what stresses you out the most in order to take the relevant action which will really help you feel better.

Is your work load too much? Partner up with a fellow translator, outsource more, hire a part-time translator for some of your projects, plan forward so that you won’t leave everything until the day before the deadline.

Are your clients giving you a hard time? Fire the worst of them. There are plenty of articles out there about “How to fire your clients” and why it is a healthy thing to do. Don’t be afraid to interrupt working relationships that are simply not working for you.

Are you exhausted of your business being an one-person-show? Try delegating more. Find a good financial advisor, hire a Virtual Assistant or a temp. This will leave you time to do what you love more in this world: translating (or procrastinating while pretending to be translating).

Are you giving yourself a hard time? Get some rest. Take some time for yourself. Read my article about why it really pays off to go on holiday if you are not convinced. Trust me, when they say “You can’t pour from an empty bottle” they do have a point. Even if you cannot go on holiday (for any reason) take some time to recharge throughout the day or once a week. Have a “you” day in the week or a “free” hour in your day when you will be able to do whatever you feel like doing – no errands or “must-dos”. Just fun and relaxing things.

Are you always out of time? Set longer deadlines. You are afraid your clients won’t want to work with you if you can’t deliver in 2 days time? Well, delivering mediocre work because of your total fatigue and lack of motivation, is definitely worse, don’t you think?

And don’t forget, we translators (and freelancers) may love our jobs but there are more things in life! Take care of yourself first!

How do you experience burnout as freelancers, as translators or as small business owners?

Let me know your stories and your tips in the comments.

Freelancers' burnout




7 things to cheer you up when you are down

I’m an inherently optimistic person and for the 10 times I fall down I will always get up 11 – here is a list of my favorite things to do when things don’t go as planned 🙂

Go to your favorite Chinese all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet

After all, you know what they say : “It’s better to be sorry for the things you did than for things you didn’t do”

shrimp noodles

Buy a lottery ticket for next week

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The busy translator’s guide to summer style

Some of the best summer nights out are with shorts and t-shirts and beers at your local. However, summer is also known as the “wedding season”, aka the time when you have to plan your weekends depending on your friends’ weddings. These things should all take place in winter, when we would love some more socializing but no, as we live in Greece and summer is THE season for everything, they all have to be at the same time (sigh). Continue reading

Summer Resolutions

Summer might not be full on here yet but I’m in a summer mood and I have set forth a couple of resolutions for this summer – don’t worry, I’ll add more soon so that I won’t have to admit that i failed them all in September 😛

My no 1 resolution this summer is: TO BE HAPPY

I went to a fantastic workshop in May with this lovely coach, Virginie and I’m looking forward to the next one (hopefully in September). It was called “Ordering from the cosmic kitchen” and it was all about defining your goals and getting in the right mindset to achieve them.


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Translator training summer courses

summer school 3

Personal and professional development is all the rave lately – and not without reason. Our hectic schedules and limited time, though, do not allow for much of any of those two. Or do they?

This summer consider doing something for yourself and your business – enrol in a summer course! It is fun and useful at the same time! You get to learn a lot of new things, fulfil your potential, get out of your comfort zone and enhance your knowledge and expertise in your field!

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Office deco for translators

Do you sometimes feel your office space a little drab and uninspiring? I certainly do. I spend so many hours working there that a) I get bored with it b) it gets so cluttered I can’t breathe c) I start to hate it! After following all the tips on how to detox my office I decided that I needed some new decoration ideas.

So I thought I’d share with you some inspiring ideas to make your translation office fun and pretty, combining my love for translation and books and my crush with interior design!

  1. Decorate with maps  
  2. Decorate with words 
  3. Time in with the world 
  4. Add some books
  5. Be a global babe! 
  6. Add posters of your favorite cities or the countries whose languages you work with 


10 reasons why I love blogging

reasons why i love blogging

Why do we love blogging so much? And is the death of blogging nearer than ever or should the Cassandras of this world stop predicting this unlikely possibility? Here are 10 reasons I love blogging (almost) as much as reading :

  1. It is a fantastic form of expression. It is a little bit like having your own column in a paper or a whole magazine where you can write whatever you feel like.  fashion and fruit



2. It is very flexible and diverse: you can blog about books, lifestyle, unicorns, photography, cooking – just anything you feel passionate about and this is totally liberating!



3. It is creative! You get to research various concepts, to look for the best pictures to go with your post, create infographics if you want and so many more cool stuff. I even made my own book quote quiz some time ago 🙂


4. You get to meet awesome people. I have been following some Greek book blogs for a while now and I think we have formed a fantastic blogging community with common interests. In that way, blogging takes you outside your comfort zone if you are an introvert, like me… Did you read my interview in Ariel’s fab blog One Little Library, about translation and books? Ariel was featured here as a guest blogger, offering invaluable advice for finding and keeping blogging inspiration 😉 Also, I have met many interesting entrepreneurs and I have found invaluable advice in many of the blogs I follow!

photo-1457369804613-52c61a468e7d (1)

5. It grows with you. Your blog is your “baby”and it changes with you as the years pass and this is kind of nice. You can change its focus and take it wherever you want to go or you can even turn it into a business – this means that…


6. You grow with it, too: blogging might make you consider making your passion your job and it can help you realize there is a whole market out there with a need that you might be able (and feel very confident) to cover. Meaning…


7. It can be profitable. I don’t make money blogging, it is solely a relaxing thing for me at the moment but trust me, I take it as seriously as I would if it made me money (OK maybe then I’d take more care of my SEO #guilty) and I know many who do make (quite a lot) money from blogging. So its a great way to make money doing what you love, isn’t it?

do what you love

8. It lets out steam. If you have a strict corporate job or a job with zero margins for creativity and inspiration, blogging about things you love is a great way to relax (glass of chilled wine optional) and write about whatever you want.


9. It helps you be more organized. In your writing, in your thinking, it helps with discipline and putting things into perspective; it makes you think harder, prepare and take actual steps towards your goals.


10. It is a kind of therapy 🙂 It is fun, it makes you think more about yourself and others, it helps you meet new people, new cultures, new ideas, all without leaving your home. Or even if you do leave it, you can take it with you 🙂

why i love blogging



Can you relate? What are the things you love about blogging as a blogger or as a reader or both? And are there things you don’t love or simply hate about it? I think I could name a couple 😉

5 things to do for you this Spring!

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely a spring – summer – early autumn person! Anything but winter in any case 🙂 So now that spring is soooo close (even though the clouds outside my window don’t seem to know it yet) I’m all about plans and good vibes! Here’s 5 things that are on my list for this spring! What about you? Do you make plans in spring or do you just like to bask in sunlight and enjoy nature and the change of weather? Does it inspire you?

  1. Find some exercise routine! (Don’t laugh, I know this has been my autumn, New years and last year’s goal, too but I have to drill it to myself to make it happen!) My goal is: 2 evenings of jogging by the sea (sounds good) and 1 afternoon Aerial yoga! Have you tried it yet? It’s so FUN but a bit pricey so I’ll keep it to once a week! aerial yoga   aerial yoga1
  2. Explore and discover more of your city/area. I happen to live on an island which does not offer me many chances for road trips but still it is a wildly beautiful place, with lots of undiscovered (by me) places and spots! I’ve also launched an Instagram Account, Aegean Travellers with a girlfriend of mine where we post fab photos of Rhodes, Greece and the Aegean Islands! Check it out if you like, we always follow back!aegeantravellers
  3. Make your balcony a staycation paradise! We have a huge balcony but it is so windy up there we haven’t decorated at all! I’m looking into wind breaker options this year and I have great plans for it 🙂
  4. Become a morning person! Or try to wake up a little bit earlier. Even 15 minutes will make the difference between sipping your home-made espresso and getting some store bought drip.  home-espresso-machine
  5. Also, you will have those precious minutes to prepare something to take for lunch and not have to buy carb filled snacks (I tend to do that a lot if I’m hungry at the office) apple-cute-love-nature-pure-Favim.com-350074


  1. 1 (1)

10 favorite paper goodies!

I love stationery! Notebooks, scrapbook paper, pens, washi tape, you name it, I’ll hoard it! The only thing I don’t particularly like is diaries with dates as they make me feel stressed about time, deadlines and the inevitability of time passing. I do use them for work, though, so I try to pick colorful fun ones!

Here are my 10 favorite paper goodies this year:

  1. My London Accessorize embroidered notebook, gift from one of my best friendslondon notebook
  2. My 2016 Cosmopolitan notebook  agenda-2016 flamingo notebook
  3. Scrapbook paper I bought from Thessaloniki in my recent trip there χαρτί περιτυλίγματος
  4. Sticky pads from my brother ❤ sticky pad omg
  5. Magnetic notebook from Venice and
  6. fab notebook from Istanbul! istanbul venice
  7. Just a goodie bag with nice prints AND selidodeiktis-handmade
  8. the cutest felt bookmark, handmade by a dear friend
  9. London stickers (you can never have enough!)αυτοκόλλητα λονδίνο
  10. My work diary/notebook from Paperchasepaperchase


What about you? Do you like paper goodies? Or are you more of a gadget person? 🙂